The Buzz About CBD

You have probably heard about the benefits of CBD rich oil from hemp. Hemp is not marijuana and will not make you “high”. Whether you are here to learn more about CBD and how to use it, or are here to purchase products – welcome!

What We Do

DR. B’s CBD’s are grown and formulated by a physician, for you. The number one comment Dr. B hears goes something like this: “Wow, CBD really works for me but it is too expensive.” We hear you, and we sympathize! We started Dr. B’s with the mission of making quality natural products, affordably.

Money Saving
Grown and processed by us, cutting out the wholesaler and retailer to save you money.
Naturally Grown
Our Hemp is grown naturally with no pesticides or herbicides.
Wholly Harvested
All of our extracts are whole plant based and use chemical free extraction process.
Quality Tested
Our CBD hemp oil is third party lab tested for purity and composition.
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Health Benefits

Lessen Anxiety & Depression

Relieve Pain

Improve Quality of Sleep

Reduce Nausea & Vomiting

Regulate Weight

Fight Infection

Relieve Muscle Spasms of MS

Reduce Substance Abuse & Addiction

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Tincture, 1200 mg., Citrus Honey

Full spectrum oil tincture. Each bottle contains 300 or 600 mg. of cannabinoid extract. Also available in a 60mL. Bottle qirh 1200 mg. Comes in Citrus Honey, Mint, and Natrual flavors. Made with pesticide free, non-GMO…

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