About us

We started our journey with moving to the country. In 2013 our family of 6 started Savage Valley Ranch and a new experience in farming. Our ranch is a 30 acre bit of paradise located near Rogue River, Oregon. With gently sloping pastures, miles and miles of BLM wilderness behind us, and beautiful mountain views we consider ourselves blessed. We raise chickens, alpacas, and heritage hogs.

When we heard about CBD and experienced its benefits for ourselves, we were excited to get the opportunity to grow and process hemp. Since Dr. B is a physician and former chemist and his wife has a degree in Agricultural Business Management, hemp is a perfect fit.

Welcome to our Farm

We are dedicated to improving your health and vitality by providing effective
and affordable full spectrum CBD remedies.

Dr. B has been a family physician and surgeon for 28 years. He has experienced the benefits of CBD both personally and in patients. He says, “I realize the enormous benefits of modern medicine, however, I also realize there is a strong place for other therapies. CBD and related cannabinoids can perform a significant role in your health and well-being by correcting imbalances in your bodies systems. Many chronic medical conditions are caused by these system imbalances.